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Advanced Toothbrush Disinfection Holder

Advanced Toothbrush Disinfection Holder

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Material: Plastic ABS

Size: 19.5*4*7.5cm

Power supply: USB charging

Installation method: patch installation

Applicable scene: bathroom storage

You will get: 1* disinfection toothbrush holder, 1* charging cable


1. The toothbrush holder with disinfection function keeps you clean and healthy.

2. Intelligent disinfection, automatic power off, long battery life, USB charging, safe and convenient.

3. Easy to install, free of punching and patch installation.

4. The appearance is beautiful and generous, adding a modern sense to the bathroom.

5. ABS material, environmentally friendly and tasteless.

Package Included:

1* disinfection toothbrush holder, 1* charging cable

1.When the product is turned on, the power light will be on. In a dark environment, when people approach, only the power light will be on. When people leave, after a while, the ultraviolet light will be on,

2. The machine will only perform antivirus work when no one is using up the lights. When someone runs out, the machine will automatically charge,

3. Install the toothpaste and rotate it clockwise to secure it.

4. After the toothpaste is fixed, then forcefully squeeze the toothpaste. Until the air inside the equipment is discharged. You can come out when you see the toothpaste. Charge once, and most of the rest will be charged with light energy

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